CT34, Crumpet, hull number 9 manufactured by Ta Chiao, cutter rigged sailboat built in 1977, CT-34, displacement, fiberglass, teak, isomat, staysail, volvo penta, MD11C, MD 11C, MD 11 C, documented


CT 34 History of Hull Number 9 - the vessel Crumpet

Information from prior owner and records on the boat at time of purchase:

CT 34 Hull Number 9 is the Type A design - built by Ta Chiao Bros. Yacht Building Co., Ltd. in 1977 in Taipei, Taiwan to Class 100A Lloyds of London specifications

  • Original owner named the boat "Jeanne T" and sailed it on the Great Lakes for about 10 years
  • The second owner purchased the boat in 1990 and named it "Duet Again" - sailed it on the Chesapeake for about 5 years - then kept it for about 5 years in the end of a canal in Palm City, Florida (the canal was fed by fresh water, and the boat was not sailed during that time)
  • The present owner bought the boat in 2001 and named it "Crumpet". The boat has been in process of rebuilding, and has been sailed periodically since the new mast and boom were stepped on 30 May 2001.

  • CT 34 History

    Information gleaned from various sources and personal experience:

    This unique 34ft. (36' LOA) blue-water sailboat was produced in 1977 as part of a limited run of carefully built prototypes by Ta Chiao of Taiwan for the purpose of showing them at boat shows.    The fiberglass deck and cockpit was originally finished with 5/8 in. teak decking.

  • From John Gardner (CT 34 Hull #20 - Type B built in 1978 - original owner who is responsible for the design of the Type B model configuration):    I was told that the hull was originally done by Bob Perry but I have my doubts. I spent too many years in Tiawan and watched every yard steal from each other or "borrow" molds for a month or two. CT built all their own boats. Hans Christian came later and may have "Borrowed" a mold and sprung their own from it. The original mold was sprung by CT to become the CT36 which went to Ta Yang and became the Tayana 37.
  • From John Gardner: The keel is a hollow part of the hull and is filled with a mixure of iron and epoxy on later boats, and in yours possibly scrap iron and cement. Either type has voids. I ran aground on the Tennesse Tom Bigby waterway many years ago and noticed that I was sitting lower on my lines than before, but with no water in the bilge. When I was hauled, water ran out of the crack in the bottom of the keel. A surveyor sounded the keel and drilled a lot of 1/4 in holes and water just poured out. Spent a lot of time tapping and drilling, later filled all the holes and tryed to stay away from very hard bottoms. I did reinforce the bottom during the repairs.

        A 1976 CT34 in Texas experienced leaking of a few gallons of fluid under pressure when two through hulls were removed. The fluid had a strong odor similar to that in a blister. The two year old bottom job looked good before this occured.
  • From a CT34 owner: Our boat is also credited with being designed by Bob Perry but according to Bob it was CS Chen, one of the brothers that owned the Ta Chiao boat yard, who drew up the plans, and that the design was somewhat based on a Phillip Rhodes late 1920's design called "Dog Star". The Traveller 32 - the hull was built in Taiwan and then finished by Rawson (Redmond, WA) in the late 1970's - was also based on this design.
  • From Tayana 37 newsgroup: Bob Berg (the real creator of the Tayana 37 and the creator of the BaBa boats) took his preliminary ideas to Bob Perry, who then did the formal design.). Mr. C.T. Chen of the Ta Chiao Bros., Taiwan, had been building a series of CT sailboats of various sizes. He asked Bob Perry to design a 37 footer for him. Bob Berg and Will Eckert, partners in Flying Dutchman Yachts, Seattle, worked with Perry on some of the basics. A picture of Hull #1 (the hull was used to make the mold for Tayana boats) appeared on the cover of Sea Magazine in 1975. Mr. Chen did not believe the "CT 37" would be a success so he gave the design rights to Ta Yang in exchange for a 10 interest in the boat.

    The CT 34 hull is solid core (and thick) fiberglass with encapsulated keel (probably iron cast in concrete).    The decks are about 5/8" thick with 1/8" fiberglass encapsulating a solid wood core on both sides.    The Top of the cabin house is solid fiberglass, and the sides are about 1" thick with plywood encapsulated in 1/8" fiberglass on both sides.    When the boat was hauled after purchase, there was no evidence of any blistering.    All bronze seacocks were inspected and found to be in excellent condition.

    From Julia Chen, Business Section, Ta Chiao, March 25, 2002:     We designed and started to build the CT-34 from early 1970, and then stopped this line in 1987 after building 43 vessels.

    CT 34 Type A model (has three portholes on side of cabin house):

  • Type A Sail
  • Type A Plan
  • Crumpet (Type A) has a modified pilot table and a pilot berth. Wash boards were built for the companionway - the bottom board is the height of the cockpit and provides the effect of a deck bridge.
    CT 34 Type B model (has four portholes on side of cabin house):
  • Type B Sail
  • Type B Plan
  • The Type B has a bridge deck in cockpit at the companionway, and an extra set of drawers in the galley plus outboard uppers and inboard lowers. The lowers were attached to the cabin sides. Hull remained same. Rig remained same as Type A with the exception of relocating the lowers and the jumper stays (the equivlent of back stays for the staysail).

    Quotes: Boat is a "lead sled" It won't accelerate fast, but once moving, she scoots. The CT a great sailor. She tracks well and on long trips is easy to live aboard. She tacks easy in light wind, cruises an easy 7+ knots under power or sail. The rigging is set for safe single-handing due to a modest amount of weather-helm and the self-tacking club-footed staysail makes this full-keeled cutter as easy to sail as a simple sloop.

  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
    CT 34 Specifications:
    Beam Deck
    Volvo Penta MD11C
    33' 3"
    10' 2"
    5' 0" (Crumpet is 5' 3" aft end of keel)
    27' 8"
    5300 lbs
    16,100 lbs
    23 hp

    Other CT 34 Hulls

    Information from various sources including prior listings of boats for sale - no record of actual sales result - some of these may in fact be the same boat

  • Early 1970's - Hull #1 - started the line
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1976 - boat name BEOWOULF - Hull #2 - VIN number TAC34027604 - totally rebuilt in 2000 and in bristol condition - new 46hp Westerbeke - new mast (5 feet taller than original) and oversized rigging - new Harken blocks, cars, traveler - new electrical and plumbing - watermaker - communications and navigation systems - see the December 2001 issue of Lattitudes and Attitudes for article with photos
    Boat is now in possession of Pacific Marine Foundation in Seattle, WA. It is for sale at $34,500
  • 1976 - boat in process of rebuilding - new aluminum rigging to be installed - extensive installation of components required - asking $16,000 - boat in California - July 2000 information
  • 1976 - boat in Texas - wood spars - evidence of fluid within hull - exterior appearance of hull is good - work is ongoing.
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1977 - Hull #4 - VIN number TAC340047609 - located in Seattle - wood spars and teak decks - original Volvo MD11C engine (125 hrs) after overhaul - 50 gal fuel, 70 gal water, (2) enkes DR8 winches, (2) lewmar 40 winches, (2) barlow 22 winches, (2) barlow 15 mast winches, par electric toilet, dickinson pacific diesel stove - For Sale after a two year refit - September, 2008 asking price of $64,000
  • 1977 - Hull #9 boat name CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1977 - boat had been overhauled and well equiped before damage by hurricane - now in fair shape - located in Marina de La Paz, Baja, Mexico - asking $15,000 in December, 2003
  • 1977 or 1978 - boat name TAYSA Located in Kemah, Texas - beautiful condition - Sitka spruce spars - asking $49,900 then $43,400 in September 2000
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1977 - boat name L'ESCARGOT ?formerly TAYSA? - Located in Corpus Christi, Texas - MD11C - Worm Gear Steering with Teak Wheel - replaced head and galley fixtures - new Ultra-Kote paint on the hull - decks covered in original solid Teak - asking $30,000 in November 2010
  • 1978 - Hull #18 - Type B - boat name MARISSA T - wood spars - boat refinished, description time in summer of 2000 - boat out of Florida - cost $31,000, invested $15,000, would accept $65,000
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1977 - Hull #19 boat name MORNING STAR
    We own # 19 Morning Star She was also known originally as Alar she was renamed to Manguny again renamed to Osprey II. We purchased her in July of 2000 and renamed her Morning Star and began her refit, when we purchased her she had just had a new Volvo 2030 installed and only 4 hours on it the mast and boom both had rot at the ends added to the fact that the standing rig was due for replacement. After bringing her to Olympia WA her new hailing port we began her refit She has a new Lafeil Mast and boon with a double spreader rig as originally designed with the change of raising the boom one foot to enable a dodger and six foot of standing headroom at the helm. I built a hatch turtle and combing for a dodger and then began work on the deck we removed the boom from the staysail and added a forestay release and built a custom traveler just behind the cockpit well this is also the boom gallows support. we replaced the bow pulpit and moved the anchor rollers closer together so as to reduce the twisting effect on the bowsprit caused by the original design coupled with continuous stainless railings ending with a stern pushpit that is raised to match the caprail and extend 16 inches aft I built this 4 feet wide and blended into the sides for a pleasing look, we are going to build a wrap around bench to give a raised seating area behind the clutter of lines when sailing view ahead is also improved as you can see over the dodger. Our new Monitor windvane will also attach to the pushpit frame as well as the hull. We have also had new sails built by Schattauer Sails in Seattle. We replaced the winches to Lewmar all bronze 46s for the mains and 30s on the cabintop for the staysail and spinnaker tack downhaul. We replaced the cabintop rails with stainless and bronze ends and sleeves. We then repainted the boat with awlgrip so she looks like a new boat. Our upcoming projects include new bronze chainplates, autopilot, radar, and electric anchor windlass as the manual one is too slow and our all chain rode with 45 pound CQR is difficult to hand pull. I'm attaching a recent picture while sailing in light air two weeks ago (May 1980). Fair Winds Steven and Susan Marler SV Morning Star
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1978 - Hull #20 - first Type B - aluminum spars - teak decks - original owner (initiated and supervised design modifications for the Type B configuration) - good equipment and condition - new fuel tank - listed for $40,000 in Maryland in November, 2000
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1978 - Hull #21 {TAC340210378}- boat name TELOS - sold for $28,000 in 1987 and moved to Port Angeles, Washington.
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1978 - Hull #22 - boat name GOOD NEWS - activly sailed out of Panama City since 1991. Now registered in Panama City, Florida
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1978 - Hull #23 - well maintained - wood mast - boat named HEIDI JEAN - Located in Bellingham, Washington - Listed for $29,500 - well equipped and cruised in the Northwest and British Columbia waters for years:
  • 1978 - Hull #25 - Type B - boat name TRAVELLER - description time in spring of 2002 - being refitted
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1978 - Hull #27 - Type B - boat name PAINTED WIND early 2005 - refinished, new Yanmar, wood spars, tiller, autopilot - Listed for $36,500.00
  • 1978 or 1979 - Hull #28 - boat is located in Texas - 4.108 Perkins engine - on the hard 10 years - asking less than $20,000 May 2006
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1980 - Hull #31 - Type B - boat name DOMANI 3 - aluminum spars (1999) yanmar, radar, teak hard dodger with laminated glass, fully equipped, no leak teak decks - Pensacola, FL - asking $39,000 (hopes it doesn't sell)
  • 1980 - Hull #32 - Type B - boat name SERENDIPITY II - Subic Bay, Philippines - cost US$27,700 as built in 1980 including $3000 in taxes - Registered in Hong Kong
  • Owned by Masashi Ishii sailing from Chiba, Japan into Tokyo Bay.
    The boat has been restored to an outstanding condition as reflected in the photos.
    She may be a genealogy of Philip Rhodes design yacht Dog Star in 1930.
    Hull number is unknown. Configuration Type B
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1979 - Hull #33 - Type B - boat name DOWN STREAM - salvaged boat - water approx. 12" above the cabin sole after cockpit drains clogged while boat on a mooring. Wood mast. Mendon, MA - Sold for $13,000 in 2004
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1983 - Hull #39 - boat is in Bristol condition. The boat has aluminum spars and the original teak deck which looks like it just came out of the factory - boat name SWEET CAROLINE : The original Volvo MD11C engine was replaced with a Beta Marine BD1005 diesel (June 2007) The boat is outfitted for cruising. Hailing port of Satellite.Beach, Florida
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1984 - Hull #41 - Type B - built in 1984 - upgraded in 1990 boat name FLYING CLOUD : Listing July 2003 - wood spars - "neglected" asking $15,000 - boat was sold around June 2003 - boat was in Oregon. Listing June 2005 - "completely gone through" - windlass, rebuilt diesel, many features - asking $45,000 - Napa, California
  • CT34, CT-34, Crumpet, Ta Chiao
  • 1984 - Type B - built in 1984 - upgraded in 1998 and 2003 boat name TYPHOON PRINCESS : Listing Sept 2005 - aluminum spars - Volvo Penta MD17 Engine overhauled June 2005 - 52 gal fuel capacity - Hydrovane VXA 2 self steering - started circumnavigation in 1998 after two year refit - overhauled in New Zealand in 2003 - part of her recent circumnavigation included the non-stop single-handed passage from Thailand to the Suez canal: 4500 miles in 37 days - respectable daily mileage runs with an all time best of 167 miles in 24 hours - equipped and ready to go - asking $68,222 - Chichester, England
  • 1987 - Hull #43 - end of the line